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Your child's healthy sleep
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automatic stop
silent job
system of the natural

5 modes

temperature sensor

and humidity




Being still in the womb, your baby is adapting to the natural rhythm of slaking, and memories of it are programmed at a subconscious level in the memory of a baby. The repeated UCL Institute of Child Health and Pediatric Research has also confirmed a favorable the effect of natural slipping on the mental, emotional development of the baby and the harmonious work of the brain with internal organs.

These data have become the fundamental foundation for the creation of the DreamkaSmart slipping system. Personally for the DreamkaSmart crib, Vol's engineers and group have developed a unique mechanism for natural rolling, with the patented technology of natural rolling mechanism, the baby cot DreamkaSmart safely and silently loling the baby. The system is based on the principle of transverse electromagnetic pendulum, and the absence of friction in the mechanism eliminates extraneous noise and has abrasion resistance.

Each child is individual and has its own advantages - one suffers barely noticeable lulling, the second requires strong and rhythmic movements, and the third one - only changes in rhythms will help to fall asleep.

In the crib DreamkaSmart almost all the nuances are taken into account - selecting and combining 5 regimens, parents will be able to easily customize the DreamkaSmart crib at the request of their baby.

In an automatic baby cot from DreamkaSmart, you can easily find the right lulling mode as close as possible to the natural rhythm of licking Your baby will sleep well and sleep comfortably in Dreamland's Volta group DreamkaSmart.

Properly selected room temperature will ensure your child's healthy and calm sleep.

The pediatrician recommended the temperature for a baby under the age of six months - 18-20 degrees Celsius. The recommended air temperature for a child older than 6 months is 20-22 degrees Celsius.

Check the temperature in the room - just look at the control panel screen. Do not forget to also ventilate the room, as the oxygen needs the baby times more than adults.

A well-chosen musical composition at the time of rolling can have a beneficial effect on the development of your baby. Today, it's easy to find music collections for children that shape the baby's mental and emotional perception from the very first days of life.

To play, you just need to turn on the MP3 player on the DreamkaSmart crib control unit, you can also perform and record the cradle for your baby, Mom's voice is very important for any baby.

Our specialists understand the hard work of being parents. For a busy dad and mom, DreamkaSmart has a convenient timer shutdown feature.

It's easy to set the required time and run Rolling-out function - a smart crib will sacrifice your child on your own and will automatically shut off at the end of a given time.

With this feature, you can save your own strength and precious time, while your baby will still be worried.

The DreamkaSmart baby crib provides manual and automatic sound control.

You can enable and configure this feature either with voice control or with the control panel.

The remote control will help you to easily and easily manage all the options, if you need to, at any time, you will have the option of manually adjusting the sound or turning it off completely. DreamkaSmart from a distance. Devices and reception and transmission uses IR rays and runs from a simple battery.

Children's automatic crib white with environmentally friendly materials - birch, MDF 1069
Children's automatic crib white with environmentally friendly materials - birch, MDF
Price: 560.00 Eur
450.00 Eur
Article DL MDF-7
Baby crib boat from NATURAL TREE! 1094
Baby crib boat from NATURAL TREE!
Price: 900.00 Eur
800.00 Eur
Article DD-254
Children's automatic crib transformer white from environmentally friendly materials - birch, MDF 1082
Children's automatic crib transformer white from environmentally friendly materials - birch, MDF
Price: 750.00 Eur
550.00 Eur
Article TKL-16
Baby crib Angelina from environmentally friendly materials - DBM 1050
Baby crib Angelina from environmentally friendly materials - DBM
Price with automatic mechanism: 854.00 Eur
Price without automatic mechanism: 700.00 Eur
Article DD-38

Here you can buy DreamkaSmart automatic crib

On this site you can buy an automatic crib that will give your child a calm dream. You can choose a crib for your taste - various materials, color, mattress and sideways. The crib has different calibration modes, temperature sensor, humidity , the ability to play songs written on a flash drive, to reproduce the mother's voice, timer, and the crib has a volume setting.
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